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"Loc2" comes first in memory, but changes far more often than "Loc1". So far, Loc1 is always at Loc2+4.

Location location in memory

Version Platform Loc2 Loc1
1.0.0 Linux 0x829e21c 0x829e220
1.1.1 Linux 0x82add1c 0x82add20
1.2.0p3 Debian 32-bit 0x827b0bc 0x827b0c0
1.2.0p4 Debian 32-bit 0x827d0bc 0x827d0c0
1.2.0p5 Debian 32-bit 0x827dcbc 0x827dcc0
1.2.0p6 Debian 32-bit 0x828201c 0x8282020
1.2.0p7 Debian 32-bit 0x828955c 0x8289560
1.2.0p8 Debian 32-bit 0x828cdbc 0x828cdc0
1.2.0p9 Debian 32-bit 0x829f09c 0x829f0a0

Location codes

Loc2 Loc1 Abbrev Description
0x01 0x00 D:1
0x02 0x00 D:2
0x03 0x00 D:3
0x04 0x00 D:4
0x05 0x00 D:5
0x06 0x00 D:6
0x07 0x00 D:7
0x08 0x00 D:8
0x09 0x00 D:9
0x0a 0x00 D:10
0x0b 0x00 D:11
0x0c 0x00 D:12
0x0d 0x00 D:13
0x0e 0x00 D:14
0x0f 0x00 D:15
0x10 0x00 D:16
0x11 0x00 D:17
0x12 0x00 D:18
0x13 0x00 D:19
0x14 0x00 D:20
0x15 0x00 D:21
0x16 0x00 D:22
0x17 0x00 D:23
0x18 0x00 D:24
0x19 0x00 D:25
0x1a 0x00 D:26
0x1b 0x00 D:27
0x1c 0x00 D:28
0x1d 0x00 D:29
0x1e 0x00 D:30
0x1f 0x00 D:31
0x20 0x00 D:32
0x21 0x00 D:33
0x22 0x00 D:34
0x23 0x00 D:35
0x24 0x00 D:36
0x25 0x00 D:37
0x26 0x00 D:38
0x27 0x00 D:39
0x28 0x00 D:40
0x29 0x00 D:41
0x2a 0x00 D:42
0x2b 0x00 D:43
0x2c 0x00 D:44
0x2d 0x00 D:45
0x2e 0x00 D:46
0x2f 0x00 D:47
0x30 0x00 D:48
0x31 0x00 D:49
0x32 0x00 D:50
0x01 0x01 S S2. S3? S1?
0x02 0x01 DH:1 Dwarven Halls 1
0x03 0x01 DH:2 Dwarven Halls 2
0x04 0x01 DrCh Wilderness (Drakalor Chain)
0x05 0x01 Vlge Terinyo
0x06 0x01 WDL Water Dragon's Lair
0x07 0x01 GY1 Dwarven Graveyard 1
0x08 0x01 GY2 Dwarven Graveyard 2
0x09 0x01 VD:1 Village Dungeon 1
0x0a 0x01 VD:2 Village Dungeon 2
0x0b 0x01 VD:3 Village Dungeon 3
0x0c 0x01 VD:4 Village Dungeon 4
0x0d 0x01 VD:5 Village Dungeon 5
0x0e 0x01 VD:6 Village Dungeon 6
0x0f 0x01 VD:7 Village Dungeon 7
0x10 0x01 UCBT High King's Tomb
0x11 0x01 GRD Gremlin Cave
0x12 0x01 NDC Non-descript cave above Darkforge
0x13 0x01 DFG Darkforge
0x14 0x01 BUG White Unicorn Glade
0x15 0x01 CGL Black Unicorn Glade
0x16 0x01 BVL Lawenilothehl
0x17 0x01 TF:1 ToEF 1
0x18 0x01 TF:2 ToEF 2
0x19 0x01 TF:3 ToEF 3
0x1a 0x01 TF:4 ToEF 4
0x1b 0x01 MML Mad Minstrel's Clearing
0x1c 0x01 SMC Small Cave
0x1d 0x01 CCL Old Barbarian's Clearing
0x1e 0x01 PL1 Pyramid 1
0x1f 0x01 PL2 Pyramid 2
0x20 0x01 PL3 Pyramid 3
0x21 0x01 OC Ogre Cave
0x22 0x01 RL9 Rift 9
0x23 0x01 RL8 Rift 8
0x24 0x01 RL7 Rift 7
0x25 0x01 RL6 Rift 6
0x26 0x01 RL5 Rift 5
0x27 0x01 RL4 Rift 4
0x28 0x01 RL3 Rift 3
0x29 0x01 RL2 Rift 2
0x2a 0x01 RL1 Rift 1
0x2b 0x01 LIB Sinister Library of Niltrias
0x2c 0x01 ID Infinite Dungeon
0x2d 0x01 WE Wilderness Encounter
0x2e 0x01 QL Quickling Tree
0x2f 0x01 CDL Stone Circle
0x30 0x01 SIL SIL (Special Infinity Level?)
0x31 0x01 DDL Dusty Level 1
0x32 0x01 VDDL Dusty Level 2
0x01 0x02 DD:1 Druid Dungeon 1
0x02 0x02 DD:2 Druid Dungeon 2
0x03 0x02 DD:3 Druid Dungeon 3
0x04 0x02 DD:4 Druid Dungeon 4
0x05 0x02 DD:5 Druid Dungeon 5
0x06 0x02 DD:6 Druid Dungeon 6
0x07 0x02 DD:7 Druid Dungeon 7
0x08 0x02 UD:1 Unremarkable Dungeon 1
0x09 0x02 UD:2 Unremarkable Dungeon 2
0x0a 0x02 UD:3 Unremarkable Dungeon 3
0x0b 0x02 UD:4 Unremarkable Dungeon 4
0x0c 0x02 UD:5 Unremarkable Dungeon 5
0x0d 0x02 UD:6 Unremarkable Dungeon 6
0x0e 0x02 UD:7 Unremarkable Dungeon 7
0x0f 0x02 UD:8 Unremarkable Dungeon 8
0x10 0x02 HIVI High Mountain Village
0x11 0x02 ChAoS Chaos Plane
0x12 0x02 UC:1 Tomb of the High Kings 1
0x13 0x02 UC:2 Tomb of the High Kings 2
0x14 0x02 UC:3 Tomb of the High Kings 3
0x15 0x02 UC:4 Tomb of the High Kings 4
0x16 0x02 UC:5 Tomb of the High Kings 5
0x17 0x02 PC:1 Puppy Cave 1
0x18 0x02 PC:2 Puppy Cave 2
0x19 0x02 PC:3 Puppy Cave 3
0x1a 0x02 PC:4 Puppy Cave 4
0x1b 0x02 PC:5 Puppy Cave 5
0x1c 0x02 PC:6 Puppy Cave 6
0x1d 0x02 UL:1 Unreal Dungeon 1
0x1e 0x02 UL:2 Unreal Dungeon 2
0x1f 0x02 UL:3 Unreal Dungeon 3
0x20 0x02 UL:4 Unreal Dungeon 4
0x21 0x02 UL:5 Unreal Dungeon 5
0x22 0x02 UL:6 Unreal Dungeon 6
0x23 0x02 MT Mana Temple
0x24 0x02 DL:1 Blue Dragon Caves 1
0x25 0x02 DL:2 Blue Dragon Caves 2
0x26 0x02 DL:3 Blue Dragon Caves 3
0x27 0x02 DL:4 Blue Dragon Caves 4
0x28 0x02 DL:5 Blue Dragon Caves 5
0x29 0x02 ???? Assassin's Guild
0x30 0x02 SC:1 Scintillating Cave 1
0x31 0x02 SC:2 Scintillating Cave 2
0x32 0x02 SC:3 Scintillating Cave 3
0x33 0x02 SC:4 Scintillating Cave 4
0x34 0x02 SC:5 Scintillating Cave 5
0x35 0x02 SC:6 Scintillating Cave 6
0x36 0x02 SC:7 Scintillating Cave 7
0x37 0x02 SC:8 Scintillating Cave 8
0x38 0x02 SC:9 Scintillating Cave 9
0x01 0x03 AR Ancient Ruined City
0x02 0x03 ML1 Minotaur Maze 1
0x03 0x03 ML2 Minotaur Maze 2
0x04 0x03 ML3 Minotaur Maze 3
0x05 0x03 ML4 Minotaur Maze 4
0x06 0x03 ML5 Minotaur Maze 5
0x07 0x03 ML6 Minotaur Maze 6
0x08 0x03 MC Minotaur Maze 7
0x09 0x03 ML2 False Minotaur Maze?
0x0a 0x03 ML3 False Minotaur Maze?
0x0b 0x03 ML3 False Minotaur Maze?
0x0c 0x03 ML4 False Minotaur Maze?
0x0d 0x03 ML4 False Minotaur Maze?
0x0e 0x03 ML5 False Minotaur Maze?
0x0f 0x03 ML5 False Minotaur Maze?
0x10 0x03 ML5 False Minotaur Maze?
0x11 0x03 ML3 False Minotaur Maze?
0x12 0x03 ML4 False Minotaur Maze?
0x13 0x03 ML4 False Minotaur Maze?
0x14 0x03 ML5 False Minotaur Maze?
0x15 0x03 ML6 False Minotaur Maze?
0x16 0x03 ML6 False Minotaur Maze?
0x17 0x03 BUGVL Bug Infested Temple
0x18 0x03 BUGCV Bug Temple Cave