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  • Wishes for multiple things generally results in 2d2(2-4) items/stacks
  • If there is no room for the djiin to appear, "you rub the ring... but you only hear a groaning voice "There's not enough room to appear!" (The ring is wasted.)

You May Have ONE

  • Whip of the Snake
  • Whip of Slaughtering
  • Girdle of Giant Strength
  • Sword of Sharpness
  • Amulet of Lifesaving
  • Potion of Gain Attributes

You get 2 potions when wishing for Potions of (stat).

power - 10d4 PP
speed - 20d20 , +1 Base speed.
gold - 10d100 gp (**I have another note that says it's ~2510gp per level of experience.  Hmm.)
_something_ can generate a random weapon
strength - 1d4+1
knowledge - 2d3 (Le)
willpower - 1d6+2
dexterity - 2d2+1
toughness - 1d4+1
charisma - 3d3
beauty - 4d2 (Ap)
mana - 1d4+1
alertness - 2d3 (Pe)
shopkeeper - summons 6d4 thugs
supposedly if you've killed the emperor moloch, you instead get the message "The only response to your wish is a slow, menacing, rythmic breath of a being lurking somewhere... out to get and destroy your puny self."
likewise, "*We shall avenge our lord!*" when wished for an already dead minotaur emperor
and quickling bard "Weshallavengeourbelovedchampionofsondandmusicandwillgetyou!" [looks to be a type, sond not sound]
crumpled scroll = blank scroll
marble statue or statue of famous hero = statue
artifacts = nothing

Other potentially worthwhile wishes (rather incomplete): Emperor Moloch - Summons about 35 Greater Molochs randomly in the level (So use the wish in the ID, Ogre Cave, Etc.). If you can handle them in combat this is a massive exp. boost.
Magical Writing Sets
pairs of Seven League Boots
Eternium Tower Shields
Minotaur Emperor - Summons about 7 Minotaur Kings
Potions of Exchange
Rings of Slaying
Rings of Regeneration
Wands of Teleportation