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  • Wands of wishing, death, earthquakes, and destruction cannot be recharged.

Far Slaying

Amount of PP Spent * 2 if wand is cursed,
                   * 3 if wand is uncursed,
                   * 4 if wand is blessed.

Then add your PC's level, and then add 30 == Range.
1d6 damage each hit;

To figure out how many hits you'll get, get your total range and then divide it by the size of your tiny hallway + 1.
  • Deals 1d6 damage per hit.
  • Shambling Mounds absorb Far Slaying shots.


  • Cursed Knocking wands lock doors.
  • Can open doors at a distance, unlike the spell. (This can be useful when facing the High King.)
  • Will not open doors that are merely closed and not locked.


  • Only 50% chance at a wish if +Cursed.