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Alertness gives (SkillPoints) / 600 chance to not be hit?
Sixth Sense gives 1/6 chance to evade.

If Dex > 23 Then You'll always avoid failling in a Discovered Pit Trap, and your Dex will be trained by 1.
Otherwise deals 3d6 damage.

Snake Pit Trap:
(Mana / 500) chance to avoid entirely WITHOUT discovering, Trains Mana 1.
(Dex / 40) Chance to avoid falling in pit, snakes still come out.
Pit Damage based on level??
2d6 Snakes made?

Arrow Trap:
5%:Hit by arrow, then some weird ass subs which = more chance to be hit...
1d10+2 damage - PV
1 / 3 chance to create an arrow
1 / 30 chance for trap to vanish??

Water Trap:
Unavoidable besides Alertness & Sixth Sense.

Stone Block Trap:
(Mana / 500)% chance to avoid entirely WITHOUT discovering, Trains Mana 1.
4d10 damage - PV
1 /2 create rocks

Door Traps:

Exploding runes: DangerLevel d 6 damage (up to 16 dice).  Can deafen; more info later.

Falling door: 3d10, can be dodged with dodge skill, dex

Stone Block: At least 10 base damage, - Helmet PV, + Player total PV (yes, that means high PV = more damage) + some more based on randomness and danger level...