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Starting Talents

(Stated accurately in the manual, here for reference)

  • Always get 1 for free.
  • Gnomes and Hurtlings get +1.
  • Bards, Merchants, and Farmers get +1.
  • Candle-born and Falcon-born get +1.
  • A starting Mana of over 18 gets +1.
  • A starting sum of all stats being divisible by 7 gets +1.

Very Useful Talents

Treasure Hunter

If a killed monster would drop nothing, then there is another check with a 1/8 chance that it will drop something.

Useful Talents

Sixth Sense

Gives you a 1/6 chance to avoid traps.


Predominately useful as a prerequisite for Treasure Hunter.

gold creation is DangerLevel d30 -1 + DL d 10 -1 + DL * 5
Miser has a 1/5 chance to: 1d20+100 * PreviousTotal / 100 <-- then add this to previous total.

Mediocre Talents


Note that talents are applied after skills are set, so this will not ever help you start with Literacy.

Worthless Talents


If you aren't already gaining PP from another source (like Concentration), you have a 3% chance of gaining a PP.