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  • Time to read spellbooks based specifically on the base cost to cast it

Spellbook Generation Rate

  • Wizards, Priests, Druids, Necromancers: 20000
  • Paladins: 5000
  • Everybody else: 2000

(Insert data for chances of specific spellbooks here)

Spell Probabilities


0.031%: Wish

0.123%: Create Item, Earthquake, Greater Identify, Heal, Identify, Petrification

0.613%: Cure Critical Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, Death Ray, Destroy Undead, Improved Fireball, Mystic Shovel, Summon Monsters

1.225%: Acid Ball, Acid Bolt, Bless, Cure Disease, Disarm Trap, Farsight, Fireball, Ice Ball, Know Alignment, Lightning Ball, Magic Map, Neutralize Poison, Remove Curse, Revelation, Scare Monster

3.063%: Burning Hands, Calm Monster, Cure Light Wounds, Fire Bolt, Frost Bolt, Invisibility, Lightning Bolt, Magic Lock, Slow Poison, Strength of Atlas, Stun Ray, Teleportation, Web

6.126%: Knock, Magic Missile, Slow Monster

9.188%: Darkness, Light

Druids & Priests

0.029%: Wish

0.117%: Acid Ball, Create Item, Fireball, Greater Identify, Ice Ball, Identify, Improved Fireball, Lightning Ball

0.586%: Death Ray, Earthquake, Heal, Invisibility, Mystic Shovel, Summon Monsters

1.172%: Acid Bolt, Cure Critical Wounds, Farsight, Knock, Magic Lock, Magic Map, Magic Missile, Petrification, Remove Curse, Scare Monster, Slow Monster, Strength of Atlas, Teleportation, Web

2.930%: Burning Hands, Calm Monster, Cure Serious Wounds, Disarm Trap, Fire Bolt, Frost Bolt, Know Alignment, Lightning Bolt, Neutralize Poison, Revelation, Stun Ray

5.860%: Bless, Cure Disease, Cure Light Wounds, Destroy Undead, Slow Poison

8.790%: Darkness, Light

Starting Books

  • Salamander Wizards always starts with Fire Bolt
  • Necromancers always get Frost Bolt
  • Druids always get Lightning Bolt

Learning Spells

Well, here's a basic overview of what is factored in (in order of
application) to what determines if you successfully read the book:

We start off with a difficulty based on the specific spellbook
(Darkness and Light are rather low, Wish is really high)
The 'shelves and books' room effect helps.
Learning is counted in next.
Druids, Priests, Wizards, and Necromancers get a bonus.
You get a minus if drunk.
Cursed gets a minus, blessed gets a bonus.
Then Druids, Priests, Wizards, Necromancers, and Elementalists get
another bonus (Elementalists for the first time) based on the PC's
level.  Then most classes get a smaller bonus based on their level.
Mindcrafters and Trolls, however, don't get this bonus at all.
Next, Literacy and Concentration are factored in.
Necromancers and druids both get a bonus for their guaranteed starting
books, frost bolt and lightning bolt, respectively.
After that you get a bonus if you're born in the month of the book.

All of this combines together for some kind of base value.  It's pretty
complicated so I'm just giving an overview for now instead of
specifics.  Now you choose whether to cast or read the book.  If you
read it...

Now there's a straight up literacy roll.  Basically, your literacy
skill is a percentage chance of successfully reading the book.  If you
fail the check, you 'cannot decipher the runes' and nothing else
happens.  Now the base value is checked against a d100.  If you
succeed, I think it then starts counting up how much to increase your
knowledge of the spell:

There's a check that's gives you a better bonus if you already have at
least 30 skill points in the book, and also depends on learning.
Next your PC's level is factored in again.
Continuing on, The Cup birthsign is now factored in - so Book increases
the chances of successfully reading a book, while Cup increases how
much you learn from reading it.
After that the good & great book learning talents are factored in. (so
they, too, only increase the amount learned, not the chance of learning).

If you fail to read the book successfully, it depends on all these
previous factors plus a base value for each class (shown below) your
chances of the book doing something nasty versus your chances to just
not learning anything.
50  - Wizard, Elementalist
40  - Priest, Necromancer
35  - Healer
30  - Bard, Druid
25  - Paladin, Ranger
20  - Thief, Assassin, Monk, Weaponsmith, Beastfighter, Merchant
15  - Fighter, Archer
10  - Farmer
-10 - Mindcrafter
-20 - Barbarian
Do note that this only determines the chances for something bad
happening here, nothing else.

If you fail this check, random chance of:
Spellbook bursting into flames, power drained, feel hollow, confused,
stunned, life force drained, explodes in a fireball, blindness, dizzy,
drains health (this lowers toughness by 1), spellbook vanish, or pit

A few other side notes:
If a pit is created from reading a book while you're standing on a
grave, it'll dig the grave =)
If you have 0 knowledge in a spell, your learning stat appears to be
trained about 4 times as much as it would be otherwise.  (The training
is based on the spell's difficulty)

To sum up, it depends on: Class (pretty self explanatory to the extent
spellcasters read better), birthsign, whether you're drunk, the
difficulty of the spellbook, room effect, and if you're a troll.  Also
B/U/C status, Learning, Concentration, Literacy, and the PC's level
factor in - the higher of these the better. 


Magic Lock

  • Will also close the door in addition to locking it, saving a turn.


  • Anywhere Earthquake generates rocks will be turned into a normal ground tile -- this can be used to destroy water tiles and make them passable.