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How is Two Weapon to hit calculated - Seems to vary on weapons, weight etc.

Yulgash/black wizards - Can they literally summon any creature in the game?

As far as I know, they can summon any non-unique monster of the danger level appropriate for where they are, based on normal creation probability. So you'll still see more orcs and stuff for example, and you won't see anything amazing at lower areas, but in the Dwarven Halls or deep in the dungeon they could probably summon a lot of nasty things. Not completely certain, but my guess right now is that it's pretty simple like this.
It seems that an Emperor Lich can summon almost anything, I have had at least two as companions and they have summoned everything imaginable afaik including many Emperor -foos- and the like. bl0kem 22:49, 23 July 2011 (UTC)

-Slings + Potions zanyness

-More details on oddball talents, and any hidden bonuses

- AKW quest - "No luck mortal!" cause; saving game between taking quest and returning completed? Something else?

-Would you be able to quantify the effects of the 'long lost brother' intrinsic? JellySlayer 06:17, 8 April 2010 (UTC)

-How about history messages effects on character? IGB 14:06, 22 April 2010 (UTC)

To Test

  • A wielded rock will receive hit/dam bonuses based on thrown rocks skill (but will not give any weapon marks)
  • It's possible to hit one target twice with a single missile: if you are a level 50 archer and shoot through enemy or enemies, the target in last square where you can reach may get hit twice.
  • Coins do a lot smaller damage than what's stated when shot from far (had something like 1d2+62 damage and couldn't make damage against 50 PV monster from ~10 squares away). This may or may not apply to all missile attacks or thrown items.
  • Bug in the underwater cave that causes webs burn away "due to great heat".
  • To recieve 'badge', You must me next to the sheriff on his first action in Lawenilothehl (if your speed is higher than his speed, you may need to wait a turn).
  • Mindcraft always works when confused?
  • A lvl 6+ thief automatically searches on each turn. For some reason, if you get stunned, this searching somehow stops turns from passing for enemies. You'll still bumble around in a random direction and get the "cannot search when stunned" message, but none of the enemies will move until you become un-stunned.
  • Manual of bridge building needed to build? Help at all?
  • Boomerangs & Scurgari doesn't count towards Missile Weapon Master?
  • +crit effects do not apply to missile attacks?