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To successfully read a scroll, you need to pass a very easy Literacy check (depends on B/U/C status of the scroll, but 20+ Literacy should be enough). If you fail this Literacy check trying to read a scroll, there's a 1 in 4 chance it will disappear. Scroll of Information, Papyrus scroll, Scroll of Warning, Ratling Pamphlet, and the Crumpled Scroll will not disappear in this manner.

Writing Scrolls

Some scrolls are more Mana-expensive to write than others:

Item creation: Base * 4
Increase Melee Accuracy/Damage: Base * 5
Protection/Defense: Base * 6
Education: Base * 7
Chaos Resistance: Base * 10

  • Using Blessed equipment reduces the cost (both Scroll and Writing Set, I believe). Cursed equipment increases it.
  • Failing a Literacy / 130 roll increases the cost; later you need to pass a straight Literacy roll to succeed at writing at all.
  • Wizards get a difficulty reduction here (halved, before scroll type is factored in).
  • Monks don't suffer the negative effects of writing a difficult scroll like other classes do. Wizards and Priests suffer the effects less than others (*2, /4).
  • Writing scrolls costs PP, and if your PP is too low you'll take damage.

Familiar Summoning

  • The Danger Level where you cast the scroll determines what type of monster you will get. A blessed scroll adds 6 to the Danger Level, while a cursed scroll subtracts 6 from it.
  • Raven-born PC's also get +5 to the Danger level number, and get a more powerful ally on top of that.

Examples of what you can expect from a non-Raven PC:

  • DH2 and uncursed scroll, you can get: Balor, Greater Fire Elemental, Stone Grue, Earth Elemental, WMoPC
  • DH1 and uncursed, you're looking at... Greater Moloch, Greater Air Elemental, Lich King, Fire Demon, Fire Elemental, Greater Karmic Wyrm, or Named Great Red Wyrm
  • Cursed on DH1... Air Grue, Werewolf King, Ancient Black Dragon, Fire Giant King, Air Elemental, Greater Water Elemental, Ancient Karmic Dragon, Ancientr White Dragon, Chaos Mutant, Ancient Blue Draogn, Swamp Hydra, Magedoom Eye (still drains YOU)...
  • Cursed on DH2: Chaos Warrior, Ancient Red Dragon, Skeletal King, Titan (common), Air Grue, Air Elemental...
  • Darkforge, Blessed: Chaos Mutant, Ancient Black Dragon, Greater Water Elemental (most common), Black Unicorn, Ancient White Dragon, Swamp Hydra, White Unicorn, Quickling Queen, Magedoom Eye, Werewolf King, Ancient Blue Dragon...

Treasure Creation

  • Danger Level doesn't matter.

Blessed: 100d50 gold
Uncursed: 20d20 gold
Cursed: 3d4 gold

(Check - is this stacks of gold or just total gold? I think it's total.)


Blessed: +2000
Uncursed: +1000
Cursed: +0 (Funny message, though!)


Gives you a random skill (or improves/tries to improve an existing one). Gives you skill points accordingly:

Blessed: 6d5
Uncursed: 4d5
Cursed: 2d5


Restores charges to wands. Doesn't work on wands of Wishing.

Blessed: 3d3
Uncursed 2d3
Cursed: 1d3

Item Destruction

Destroys random item. Need to have at least 4 total items for it to work. Useful for removing auto-locking armor. Curses artifacts instead of destroying them.


Increases Danger Level.

Cursed: 3d2
Uncursed: 2d2
Blessed: 1d2


Reduces Danger Level.

Blessed: 3d2
Uncursed: 2d2
Cursed: 1d2

Item Creation

Creates Random Item. Item takes on B/U/C status of scroll.

Increase Melee Accuracy

If 1d100 < ((10 - CurrentToHitMod) * 10) Then it will change. 1 if Uncursed, Some Negative amount if cursed, some positive amount (weighted 1-3?) if blessed. THEN 1/50 chance it won't work anyway. So I *think* basically a 9% chance at +9, 19% at +8, etc.

Increase Melee Damage

if 1d1 < (100 - (CurrentDamageMod * 12)) Then it will change. Same 1/50 chance for nothing. Change amounts should be the same as above. So 8 should about a 3% chance, 7 a 15% chance, etc.

(*Should check to make sure odds for Damage and Accuracy aren't reversed)

Scrolls where B/U/C status shouldn't matter (may not be exhaustive):

  • Item Detection
  • Gold Detection
  • Monster Detection
  • Light
  • Teleportation
  • Item Destruction

For Defense, See Accuracy; for Protection, see Damage.