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All potions give nutrition when quaffed. Most potions give 100 nutrition base; several have other values:

Nutrition Examples
0 potion of poison
20 potion of booze, potion of carrot juice, potion of gain attributes, potion of invisibility, potion of visibility, potion of water
500 potion of exchange
1000 potion of balance
2000 potion of potential toughness, potion of toughness

Blessed potions give 25% more nutrition, cursed 50% less, 10% more if under Wolf, 95% less if out of luck.

Some potions may have additional hunger modifers, e.g. berzio.


When dipping a stack of items into a potion, the amount you can dip depends on the weight of the item. You can dip:

  • 19 items weighing 1s
  • 9 items weighing 2s
  • 6 items weighing 3s
  • 4 items weighing 4s
  • 3 items weighing 5s or 6s
  • 2 items weighing 7s, 8s, or 9s
  • 1 item weighing 10s or more

You can always only dip 1 Potion of (Stat) or 1 Potion of Gain Attributes. You can dip missile ammo in stacks of 40.


Can be obtained by giving Beggars gold, then chatting with them. 40gp will always be enough. Each beggar can only give you 1 potion of booze. There is a 50% chance they'll give you a fortune instead; if so, try again until they give you booze. (Also keep in mind the Village Fool will trade random potions to you for booze.)

Raw Chaos

  • Potions of Raw Chaos can be created by dipping an tem that has the essence of chaos into a normal potion, such as the guaranteed Moon Sickle or the Black Tome.
  • Everything created from being dipped in raw chaos is cursed.
  • Rand(Dex + 10)+1 > Dex = spillage (small amount of corruption)
  • Cannot generate Ring of Djiin Summoning or Wand of Wishing
  • Dipping a scroll of chaos resistance in raw chaos causes a massive explosion of 13d13 damage, message 'was ripped apart when confronting Order and Chaos'
  • If a Raw Chaos effect would randomly create the same item you dipped, it explodes. Exploding raw chaos causes 10d30 damage and 100d100 corruption.

Raw chaos can be used relatively safely to attempt to generate certain items if you know the Danger Levels involved. You will still get some corruption from spillage when you create the potions.

For creating Amulets of Lifesaving, you should dip amulets on DL2. Your odds are poor - 1.08%. You can safely dip balance, free action, health, hunger, luck, chaos, order, speed, teleport control, cold heart, water breathing, silver tongue, and mana.

For creating Seven League Boots ... ...

Raw chaos can also be quaffed. This gives corruption - 50d30 if cursed, 50d10 if uncursed, 50d5 if blessed. This is one of the most controllable ways to quickly gain corruption.

Quickling Blood

Increases your base speed. Current speed does not matter.

Blessed: +2d3 speed
Uncursed: +2d2 speed
Cursed: -2 speed


Modifies either stats or alignment, never both. The higher your stats are, the lower the chance it will change your stats.

For stat changes, take the average of all of your stats (and truncate it). If the potion is blessed, add 3 to this average; if cursed, subtract 3. Now, for every stat below this amount, increase it by 1; for every stat above, decrease it by 1.

You have a (StatAverage[Counting the B/U/C mods] - 10) / 25 chance of getting your alignment modified instead of your stats. (So if your average is 10 or less you will always mod stats, if it's 35 or more you never will.)

Throwing potions of balance at a monster can calm it down (if not already permanently pissed?). Potentially useful for cats and other situations.


Throwing it at a monster can exchange it for a different type. This will never work on monsters flagged as unique. Effectiveness on non-unique monsters is: If 1d(Dex)-1 + 1d(PCLevel)-1 + 10 > MonsterLevel, it will be exchanged.


Throwing will poison a monster for 1d3Damage_1d8Frequency. This won't work against Constructs or Undead.


Throwing Holy Water will damage Undead for 6d6 (ignoring PV). This also raises alignment, based on how tough it is.

Throwing water at wild cats makes them panic (but they don't seem to actually run away??)

Cure Corruption

Throwing will damage monsters with corrupting attacks - 24d24+24 if blessed, 16d16+16 if uncursed, 8d8+8 if cursed (ignores PV).

Drinking cures corruptions - 50d30 if blessed, 50d10 if uncursed, or gives 50d5 if cursed.

Phial of Caladriel

Throwing will blind a monster if it's not a Construct or Undead (for 5d2 turns).

Cannot be quaffed. Attempting will fail: "The ITEM is empty".

Berzio Potion

Throwing will calm monsters down. (more effective on animals?)

Drinking grants additional satiation - 20d10 blessed, 10d10 uncursed, lose 10d10 cursed. This is on top of the satiation value of the potion.

Oil of Rust Removal

Throwing at Rust Monsters will permanently remove their ability to use their rust ability.

When quaffed, poisons for 3 damage every 3 turns.


Blessed gives -3d8 to unnatural aging.


Blessed gives +4d8 to total age.


If blessed, cures blindness. Otherwise, blinds you for 20d10(cursed) 10d10(uncursed) (more) turns.


If blessed, cures deafness. Otherwise, deafens you for 10d1000(cursed) 1d1000(uncursed) (more) turns.


Grants the 'visible' status effect (which overrides invisibility) for 10d3 (C) 10d6 (U) 10d9 (B) (more) turns.

Can also be thrown at monsters to make them temporarily visible.

Boost speed

Temporarily increases speed by 20-49 (B) 10-29 (U) 1-10 (C). There is no permanent increase.

Troll blood and Raw mana

Alters your regeneration time for HP or PP by -4d3 (B) -2d3 (U) +2d3 (C). These potions cannot lower time below 5 turns or raise it above 200. Troll blood potions have no effect for Trolls.


Non-cursed potions of wonder add 3d6 castings to a random spell. There is no rarity check; Darkness and Wish are equally common. Cursed potions subtract 3d6 castings, or give 1 if you didn't know the spell at all.