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Drinking from Pools

When you drink from a pool there is a roll for 52 possible effects. The first two effects listed (pool dries up and writhing with snakes) are much more common than the rest of the effects and have a 8/52 and 5/52 chance, respectively. The other effects (the 'Number' column) each have a 1/52 chance.
For the vast majority of the intrinsics, you lose them if you have them and gain them if you don't. This makes pools much nicer for characters without many intrinsics already.
You have a 1/104 chance to receive a wish (as long as you're not doomed).
The pool inside the Stone Circle always corrupts you by 10d100 in addition to the normal effect.

Number Requirements Messages Effects
1-8 (8/52) Nothing happens. The pool suddenly dries up. Pool vanishes
9-13 (5/52) The water is suddenly writhing with snakes!
You hear hissing sounds.
4d3 Hostile water snakes spawned
14 You feel slightly strengthened. Trains Strength 3d400
15 You feel exhausted. Trains Strength -10d1000
16 Suddenly you are gone.
You feel translucent.
You feel on air.
+TempInvisibility 10d10
17 You suddenly are visible again.
You feel observed.
Your outfit suddenly looks much cleaner.
-Invisibility, -TempInvisibility
18 Suddenly your ears start to bleed! Bleeding starts - 1d4 effects
19 Wow! Pure beer! Become drunk +3d3
20 Great! Pure dwarven ale! Become drunk +3d5
21 You slip and fall in! Water damage
22 You feel corrupted! Corrupts (DangerLevel)d30
23 Bah! This liquid is extremely filthy! Sickens 1d1000
24 You age! Age increased by 4d6
25a No UnnaturalAging You suddenly remember your early youth. No effect
25b Have UnnaturalAging You feel younger! UnnaturalAging reduced by 4d6
26a Are bleeding Your wounds no longer bleed. Bleeding stops
26b Not bleeding Your blood seems to cool down. No effect
27a Not +Doomed
1/2 Chance
What do you wish for? You get a wish!
27b Have +Doomed
or 1/2 Chance
You feel very very bad. +Doomed
28b HP not at max You feel much better. Healed 6d8
28b HP at max Nothing happens. No effect
29a Not +PoisonResistance
Not Lvl40 Assassin
Urgh! Poison! Poisons 1d6Da_2d10Fr
29b Have +PoisonResistance
or Lvl40 Assassin
The water tastes bitter. No effect
30a 1/9 Chance for each message Your muscles soften. -1 Strength
30b Thinking seems to get tougher. -1 Learning
30c You feel soft-hearted. -1 Willpower
30d You are getting shaky. -1 Dexterity
30e It seems that you are getting a cold. -1 Toughness
30f You feel reserved. -1 Charisma
30g You are growing a wart. -1 Appearance
30h You are getting out of touch with everything. -1 Mana
30i You seem to get less perceptive. -1 Perception
31a 1/9 Chance for each message Your muscles feel stronger. +1 Strength
31b You feel studious. +1 Learning
31c Your will seems inflexible. +1 Willpower
31d Your movements are getting swifter. +1 Dexterity
31e Your health increases. +1 Toughness
31f You feel very self-confident. +1 Charisma
31g Your looks improve. +1 Appearance
31h You feel more in touch with the world. +1 Mana
31i Your senses sharpen. +1 Perception
32a No room around you The pool bubbles. No effect
32b DangerLevel >= 9 Suddenly a water elemental rises from the pool!
You suddenly hear roaring waves!
Hostile water elemental,
Water damage
32c DangerLevel < 9 Lots of vipers burst out of the pool.
You suddenly hear many hissing sounds!
While you drink small waves seem to ripple the otherwise calm surface of the pool.
3d4 Hostile vipers,
Water damage
33a Not +FireResistance You feel cool. +FireResistance
33b Have +FireResistance You sweat. -FireResistance
34a Not +PoisonResistance Your digestion calms down. +PoisonResistance
34b Have +PoisonResistance Your stomach stings painfully. -PoisonResistance
35a Not +ColdResistance You feel hot-headed. +ColdResistance
35b Have +ColdResistance You shiver. -ColdResistance
36a Not +AcidResistance You swallow hard. +AcidResistance
36b Have +AcidResistance You taste bitter bile in your mouth. -AcidResistance
37a Not +SleepResistance You feel totally awake. +SleepResistance
37b Have +SleepResistance You feel tired. -SleepResistance
38a Not +PetrificationResistance You feel flexible. +PetrificationResistance
38b Have +PetrificationResistance You feel gnarly. -PetrificationResistance
39a Not +StunResistance You feel very controlled. +StunResistance
39b Have +StunResistance You feel shaken. -StunResistance
40a Not +DeathRayResistance You feel bold at the thought of danger. +DeathRayResistance
40b Have +DeathRayResistance You feel like an endangered species. -DeathRayResistance
41a Not +ShockResistance You hear a voice calling you "Iceberg". +ShockResistance
41a Have +ShockResistance You feel shocked. -ShockResistance
42a Not +PetrificationResistance
Not +ParalyzationResistance
You are moved by the sheer pleasure of this sip of fluid. +ParalyzationResistance
42b Have +PetrificationResistance
or +ParalyzationResistance
You feel inflexible. -PetrificationResistance,
43a Not +Invisibility You suddenly are gone.
You feel dizzy for some seconds.
43b Have +Invisibility You suddenly can see yourself.
No effect... as far as you notice.
44a Not +SeeInvisible Your eyes tingle for a second. +SeeInvisible
44b Have +SeeInvisible Your eyes sting for a second. -SeeInvisible
45a Not +TeleportControl You suddenly feel like jumping around. +TeleportControl
45b Have +TeleportControl You suddenly hate the thought of jumping around. -TeleportControl
46a Not +Teleportitis You feel jumpy. +Teleportitis
46b Have +Teleportitis You feel steady. -Teleportitis
47a Not +Luck You feel lucky. +Luck
47b Have +Luck You feel cheated. -Luck
48a Not +FateSmiles You feel very lucky. +FateSmiles
48b Have +FateSmiles You feel very bad off. -FateSmiles
49a Not +Cursed You sense trouble. +Cursed
49b Have +Cursed You feel relieved. -Cursed
50a Not +Doomed You become depressive. +Doomed
50b Have +Doomed You feel elated. -Doomed
51a Not +Cursed You start a trip on the road to nowhere. +Cursed
51b Have +Cursed You continue the trip on the road to nowhere. +Doomed
51c Impossible; checks for a nonexistent intrinsic You finish a part of the trip on the road to nowhere. Equipment is randomly scattered around the level; 1/10 chance non-artifacts are destroyed
52a Are female
Are deaf
A small frog pops up. The frog longingly watches you. No effect
52b Are male
Are deaf
A small frog pops up. The frog explodes in a small fireball! 10d6 damage
52c Are male A small frog pops up. "Ye are the boring kind, aren't ye?" No effect
52d Are female A small frog pops up. "Well met, beautiful princess." Receive a golden ball (the frog quest can be done without ever drinking from a pool)
52e Tile not visible A gush of water hits you! Water damage