Monster Item Drops

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1/4 chance for Giant Frogs to drop Frog's Legs INSTEAD OF corpse?
Crime Lord & Half-Orc Bouncers: Gold (Maybe not always?)

1 in 20 chance for Moloch Armor from either Moloch or Greater Moloch
1 in 10 chance of Dwarven Chaos Knight to drop Wand of Digging, IF NOT THEN 3 in 10 chance to drop pickaxe
1 in 12 for Animated Tree - Log
Dwarf = 1 in 6 for pickaxe
Kelly: Wand of Digging, Amulet of Protection, Potion of Invisibility, Eternium Dagger, Boots of Sneakiness, Gold, Robe
Stone Golem - Rock(s)
Giant Boar = 1 in 3 chance for Skull
Chaos Knight & Chaos Warrior: 1/3 Eternium Plate, 1/5 Eternium Med Shield, 1/4 Eternium Cap, 1/6 Eternium Boots, 1/6 Thick Gauntlets, 1/3 Eternium Long Sword
Mummy & Greater Mummy: 1/4 Mummy Wrapping
Skeleton & Skeletal Warrior: 1/6 for 2d2 bones

Balors & Greater Balors: Scourges
Ratling Duelist: Gauntlets
Dwarvern Artificer: Eternium Warhammer, Heavy C-bow, Eternium Quarrel(s), Anvil
Dwarven Smith: Eternium Warhammer, Anvil
Emperor Moloch: Crumpled Scroll & Moloch Armor
Mummy Lord: Ankh & Ancient Mummy Wrapping
Mad Carpenter: Manual of BridgeBuilding, Hatchet (No rust removal if killed)
Minotaur Emperor: Axe of the Minotaur Emperor, Potion of Strength, Potions of Cure Corruption x2, Spellbook (Random, not of anything specific?)
Black Druid: Black Torc
Orb Guardians: Orbs
Chaos Dragon: Crown
Assassin Prince: Black Rune Dagger

Kelly When Saved: 6 Blessed Scrolls of Chaos Resistance, 4 Blessed Potions of Ultra Healing, Blessed Spellbook of Teleportation, Blessed Spellbook of Identify, Blessed Wand of Digging with 8 Charges, Blessed Eternium Dagger

Monsters that use missile weapons have a 10% chance to drop a related weapon. Moderate-sized monsters will have a 10% chance to drop a big missile weapon (long bow or heavy crossbow) instead of a small one. Smaller monsters will always drop a smaller weapon.