Monster Corpse Effects

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How to Read the List

Colons (:) symbolize conditions; basically read as 'if (thing before the colon) is true, then (do stuff after colon). This is often a percentage chance, but it can be other things as well. Conditions can stack (meaning multiple things have to be true).

Stat increases (or decreases) listed by themselves (Such as '+1Pe') without parentheses mean you ALWAYS gain that stat when eating the corpse (provided any conditions are true).

Stat increases listed in parentheses (like '(+1St)') have a chance to gain that stat, depending on your current amount in that stat. There is a chart following the corpse list that shows your chance to gain.

Speed increases are all done the same way. I listed them in parentheses because they are also harder to gain the higher it is. (There is a speed chart as well.)

Commas (,) separate gains/checks. You gain (or have a chance to gain if there are conditions) everything in the list that's separated with a comma.

Semicolons (;) denote mutually exclusive checks. This means you can only get 1 possibility out of the series... I try to use square brackets to make it more obvious what is in a series.

Poison effects have 2 numbers (unlike other status effects) - the first is how much (Da)mage the poison does and the second is how often ((Fr)equency) that it happens.

Most bad effects will stack on top of others. If you're confused already, and you eat something which confuses you, that amount is added to how many turns you'll stay confused.

Pluses (+) and minuses (-) mean you gain or lose an intrinsic.

'Trains' means that it trains the stat, so that you have a chance to gain it over time (like being burdened trains strength).

Exclamation points (!) simply mean 'not'.

I added curly brackets to the end of some of the checks to make it plain and obvious what is the highest level of the stat that can be reached by eating the corpse in question. This should make it a little easier to understand for anyone who doesn't understand the 'code-like' parts.


Kobold Shaman: +1Ma, [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], Sickens 20d8

Kobold Shamans always give you +1 Mana when eaten, then there is a 5/25/50 percent chance (depending on the C/U/B status) of gaining 2d3 (average 4) Power points. Then you become sick; you basically lose 1 sickness point every 20 turns so 20d8 * 20 is how many turns you'll be sick for unassisted.

Chaos Viper: (+1Dx), +PoisonResistance, (+1 Speed), Poisons 8d5Da_3d3Fr, Corrupts 10d200

First, you have a chance to gain 1 dex depending on what your dex is already at. Second, you always gain poison resistance. After that you have a chance to gain 1 speed, then you're heavily poisoned (on average it will start out dealing 24 damage every 6 turns, though the fact that it gives poison resistance will weaken the effect instantly). Finally, it corrupts you for an average of 1005 which is about 1 corruption worth.

Ghul: ![ParalyzationResistant]:Paralyzes 2d8

This one is pretty simple. If you are paralyzation resistant, nothing special happens. Otherwise, you're paralyzed for 2d8 turns.

Ettin: [[St < 8]:62.5%:(+1St); [St < 16]:60%:(+1St); [St < 20]:58.3%:(+1St); [St < 24]:16.7%:(+1St); [St = 24]:14.3%:(+1St)] {St up to 25}

Whooo boy. Thomas sure made the giant-folk complicated, didn't he? The code doesn't actually look like this, but this was the simplest (believe it or not) way I found to display the effect. Notice that the curly brackets at the end give you the big picture: They can raise your strength up to 25, no higher. Every check has a chance to raise your strength depending on what it already is, and the higher it is the less chance you have to raise it. Note also that the stat increases are in parentheses so the actual chance to raise from 24 to 25 is a mere 8%.

You'll see "[Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma" a lot, because that is an effect all spellcasting monsters share.

Corpse Effect List

Ancient Black Dragon: +1Wi, +AcidResistance

Ancient Blue Dragon: (+1Dx), +ShockResistance

Ancient Blue Wyrm: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, (+6Dx), (+5Ma), (+5To), (+1Pe), +ShockImmunity, +ShockResistance

Ancient Chaos Wyrm: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, (+1Ma), (+1St), +FireResistance, Corrupts 2500

Ancient Dwarf: +6d6PP, +Cursed

Ancient Karmic Dragon: Karmic

Ancient Karmic Wyrm: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, (+10Ma), (+10To), Restores PP to Max, Karmic

Ancient Minotaur: -1Wi, 25%:(+1Pe), Confuses 10d3

Ancient Red Dragon: (+1St), +FireResistance

Ancient Stone Beast: Corrupts 3000

Ancient White Dragon: +1To, +ColdResistance

Ankheg: 90%:+AcidResistance

Annis Hag: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, +Cursed

Baby Water Dragon: +WaterBreathing

Battle Bunny: Trains St 1, Trains Dx 1, Trains To 1, Train Le -2d4

Black Baby Dragon: +AcidResistance

Black Dragon: +AcidResistance

Black Druid: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, -4Wi, +3Ma, +2Le, +1To, Corrupts 999, Alignment -1000

Black Unicorn: Corrupts [2d2 * 1000]

Blink Dog: +TeleportControl

Blue Baby Dragon: +ShockResistance

Blue Dragon: +ShockResistance

Cat Lord: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, (+6Dx), +Doomed

Cave Fisher: ![Lvl40 Assassin OR Dark Elf]:Poisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%:+PoisonResistance

Chaos Archmage: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, +50PP, (+12Ma), Corrupts 5000

Chaos Lizard: Corrupts 10d10

Chaos Rat: Corrupts 2d5

Chaos Spider: ![Lvl40 Assassin OR Dark Elf]:Poisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%:+PoisonResistance, Corrupts 20d20

Chaos Viper: (+1Dx), +PoisonResistance, (+1 Speed), Poisons 8d5Da_3d3Fr, Corrupts 10d200

Claw Bug: -2Wi, (+1Dx)

Cobra: Trains To 100

Cooshoo: ![SleepResistant]:Sleep 4d4

Cute Dog: -FateSmiles, -Lucky, +Cursed, +Doomed

Cyclops: [[St < 8]:62.5%:(+1St); [St < 16]:60%:(+1St); [St < 20]:58.3%:(+1St); [St < 24]:16.7%:(+1St); [St = 24]:14.3%:(+1St)] {St up to 25}

Dark Elven Archer: -1To, (+1Dx), +PoisonResistance

Dark Elven Lord: -2To, (+2Dx), +PoisonResistance

Dark Elven Priestess: -1To, (+1Dx), +PoisonResistance

Dark Elven Princess: -2To, (+2Dx), +PoisonResistance

Dark Elven Warrior: -1To, (+1Dx), +PoisonResistance

Dark Elven Wizard: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, -1To, (+1Dx), +PoisonResistance

Dark Orc: (+1St)

Dark Sage: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, NotCursed:DontHaveLiteracySkill:[Gain LiteracySkill = 1d20+19, Blessed:(+1Le)]; ELSE:Cursed:LiteracySkill -5d5

Displacer Beast: Stuns 3d8, Confuses 3d6, LevelAllowsTeleportation:Teleports

Doppleganger King: PlayerIsATroll:50%:+1Stat(Every Stat Individually)

Dwarven Child: +Cursed, +Doomed

Dwarven Elite Guardian: (+1Wi)

Emperor Moloch: -6Dx, (+8To), (+6St), Corrupts 2500, Alignment -666

Ettin: [[St < 8]:62.5%:(+1St); [St < 16]:60%:(+1St); [St < 20]:58.3%:(+1St); [St < 24]:16.7%:(+1St); [St = 24]:14.3%:(+1St)] {St up to 25}

Fairy Dragon: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, Cure Sickness, Confuses 6d10

Fire Beetle: 50%:+FireResistance (No Special Message)

Fire Drake: +FireResistance

Fire Giant King: (+1St)

Fire Giant: 5%:+FireResistance, [[St < 8]:58.3%:(+1St); [St < 16]:57.1%:(+1St); [St < 24]:56.3%:(+1St); [St < 30]:55.6%:(+1St); [St < 32]:11.1%:(+1St); [St < 40]:10%:(+1St)] {St technically up to 40}

Fire Lizard: 10%:+FireResistance (Shiver Message)

Fomorian Giant: 50%:-1Ap, [[St < 8]:62.5%:(+1St); [St < 16]:60%:(+1St); [St < 20]:58.3%:(+1St); [St < 24]:16.7%:(+1St); [St < 30]:14.3%:(+1St)] {St up to 30}

Frost Giant Berserker: 5%:+ColdResistance, [[St < 8]:62.5%:(+1St); [St < 16]:60%:(+1St); [St < 24]:58.3%:(+1St); [St = 24]:57.1%:(+1St); [St < 32]:14.3%:(+1St); [St < 35]:12.5%:(+1St)] {St technically up to 35}

Frost Giant Jarl: (+1St)

Frost Giant: 5%:+ColdResistance, [[St < 8]:62.5%:(+1St); [St < 16]:60%:(+1St); [St < 24]:58.3%:(+1St); [St = 24]:57.1%:(+1St); [St < 32]:14.3%:(+1St); [St < 35]:12.5%:(+1St)] {St technically up to 35}

Gelatinous Cube: ![ParalyzationResistant]:Paralyze 12d6

Ghul: ![ParalyzationResistant]:Paralyzes 2d8

Giant Ant Queen: 90%:+AcidResistance

Giant Ant Warrior: 90%:+AcidResistance

Giant Ant Worker: 90%:+AcidResistance

Giant Boar: -4Wi, (+2St), (+1To)

Giant Centipede: ![Lvl40 Assassin]:Poisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%:+PoisonResistance

Giant Slug: +AcidImmunity

Giant Spider: ![Lvl40 Assassin OR Dark Elf]:Poisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%:+PoisonResistance

Gorgon: ![PetrificationResistant]:((Mana + GoodLuck - BadLuck) / 5000):[+PetrificationResistance, (+1To)]; ELSE:Death!

Great Black Wyrm: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, +1To, +1Wi, +AcidResistance

Great Blue Wyrm: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, (+1Pe), (+1Dx) +ShockResistance

Great Karmic Wyrm: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, Karmic

Great Red Wyrm: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, (+1Ma), (+1St), +FireResistance

Great Water Dragon: +WaterBreathing

Great White Wyrm: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, +1Ch, +1To, +ColdResistance

Greater Black Unicorn: Corrupts [3d3 * 1000]

Greater Claw Bug: -6Wi, (+3Dx), (+2 Speed)

Greater Demon: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, +Doomed

Greater Moloch: -3Dx, (+2To), (+1St)

Greater Titan: (+1d3St), (+1d3To)

Greater White Unicorn: -FateSmiles, -Lucky, +Cursed, +Doomed, Alignment -8000

Green Hag: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, +Cursed

Harpy: ![Muted]:Mutes 20d100

Hill Giant Chieftan: 50%:(+1St)

Hill Giant: [[St < 8]:62.5%:(+1St); [St < 15]:60%:(+1St); [St = 15]:20%:(+1St); [St < 24]:16.7%:(+1St); [St = 24]:14.3%:(+1St)] {St up to 25}

Hill Orc Sergeant: Trains To 300

Hill Orc: Trains To 150

Homonculus: ![SleepResistant]:Sleep 4d4

Hyrda: ![ConfusionResistant]:Confuses 4d6

Imp: ![Lvl40 Assassin]:Poisons 2d3Da_1d4+5Fr

Invisible Stalker: [10%:+Invisibility; 90%:+SeeInvisible]

Jackalwere: Sickens 6d6

Karmic Baby Dragon: Karmic

Karmic Dragon: Karmic

Karmic Lizard: Karmic

Killer Bug: -12Wi, (+6Dx) (+4 Speed)

King Cobra: Trains To 100

Kobold Chieftan: Sickens 20d8

Kobold Shaman: +1Ma, [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], Sickens 20d8

Kobold: Sickens 20d8

Large Kobold: Sickens 20d8

Large Snake: 50%:+PoisonResistance

Large Spider: ![Lvl40 Assassin OR Dark Elf]:Poisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%:+PoisonResistance

Least Demon: +Doomed

Lesser Demon: +Doomed

Lightning Lizard: [Blessed:12.5%:+ShockImmunity; ELSE:+ShockResistance]

Master Summoner: Corrupts 2000

Minotaur Emperor: -8Wi, +3Pe, +3St, +3To, Confuses 40d24+60, Corrupts 200d10

Minotaur King: -6Wi, 50%:[(+3Pe), (+2St), (+2To)], Confuses 20d12+30, Corrupts 10d100

Minotaur Lord: -2Wi, 66.7%:(+1Pe), 25%:(+1St), Confuses 10d4

Minotaur Mage: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, -4To, 50%:[(+3Ma), (+3Pe)], Confuses 20d10+20

Minotaur Mazelord: -4Wi, 33%:[(+2Pe), (+1St), (+1To)], Confuses 10d8+10

Minotaur Mazemaster: -3Wi, 33%:[(+1Pe), (+1St) (+1To)], Confuses 10d6

Minotaur: Trains Pe 800, Confuses 5d10

Moloch: -1Dx, (+1To)

Multi-Headed Chaos Dragon: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, (+10St), (+10To), (+10Ma), (+5Pe), Corrupts 8000

Mutated Batle Bunny: (+1St), (+1To), (+1Dx), -2d4Le

Ogre Emperor: [St < 35]:50%:+1St {St up to 35}

Ogre Guardian: [St < 25]:50%:+1St {St up to 25}

Ogre King: [St < 25]:50%:+1St {St up to 25}

Ogre Lord: [St < 22]:33.3%:+1St {St up to 22}

Ogre Magus: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, 25%:(+1Ma), [St < 22]:33.3%:+1St {St up to 22}

Ogre: [St < 19]:25%:+1St {St up to 19}

Oracle: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, (+6Le), -FateSmiles, -Lucky, +Cursed, +Doomed

Orc Butcher: (+1St)

Pit Viper: 50%:+PoisonResistance

Pixie Archer: 25%:+Teleportitis

Pixie: 25%:+Teleportitis

Priest: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, +Cursed, +Doomed

Quasist: ![Lvl40 Assassin]:Poisons 3d2Da_3d3Fr, Sickens 6d6, +Cursed

Quickling Bard: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, (1d5+2 Speed), -25%MaxAge

Quickling King: (1d5+2 Speed), -25%MaxAge

Quickling Lord: (1d4+1 Speed)

Quickling Queen: (1d5+2 Speed), -25%MaxAge

Quickling: (1d3 Speed)

Rabid Dog: ![WearingNecklaceOfRabiesResistance]:Sickens 30d10

Ratling Guardian: Alignment +250

Ratling Rebel: Alignment -1000

Ratling Warlord: Alignment -1000

Rattlesnake: 50%:+PoisonResistance

Red Baby Dragon: +FireResistance

Red Dragon: +FireResistance

Royal Guardian: [![Cursed]:+Cursed; ELSE:+Doomed]

Shadow Troll: -1To, -1NaturalRegen

Shadow Wyrm: [Cursed:5%:+2d3PP; Uncursed:25%:+2d3PP; Blessed:50%:+2d3PP], 16.7%:+1Ma, -2To, (+4Dx)

Snake from Beyond: Corrupts 2000

Spectre: (+1To), Alignment -500

Stone Giant Lord: (+1St)

Stone Giant: [[St < 8]:62.5%:(+1St); [St < 16]:60%:(+1St); [St < 20]:58.3%:(+1St); [St < 24]:16.7%:(+1St); [St < 30]:14.3%:(+1St)] {St up to 30}

Stone Snake: Trains To 500

Swamp Hydra: [![Blind]:[Pe > 10]:0.1%:Sickens 10d3; ELSE:![ConfusionResistant]:[Trains To 5000, Confuses 12d6]

Tarantula: ![Lvl40 Assassin OR Dark Elf]:Poisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%:+PoisonResistance

Titan: (+1St), (+1To)

Troll Berserker: [Blessed:-1NaturalRegen; ELSE:50%:-1NaturalRegen]

Troll Chief: [Blessed:-1NaturalRegen; ELSE:50%:-1NaturalRegen]

Troll King: [Blessed:-1NaturalRegen; ELSE:50%:-1NaturalRegen]

Troll: [Blessed:-1NaturalRegen; ELSE:50%:-1NaturalRegen]

Vampire: (+1To), Alignment -500

Vapor Rat: Corrupts 2d5

Viper: 50%:+PoisonResistance

Water Snake: +PoisonResistance

Wererat: Sickens 6d6

Werewolf King: Sickens 42d6

Werewolf Lord: Sickens 18d6

Werewolf: Sickens 6d6

White Baby Dragon: +ColdResistance

White Dragon: +ColdResistance

White Unicorn: -FateSmiles, -Lucky, +Cursed, +Doomed, Alignment -4000

Wight: (+1To), Alignment -500

Wraith: (+1To), Alignment -500

Zombie: ![Lvl40 Assassin]:Poisons 2Da_8Fr

Possible Gain Odds

Speed Chances

0-119: 100%
120-139: 57.95%
140-159: 15.90%
160-179: 3.88%
180+: 0.78%

Parentheses Stat Chances

(1-21) = 100%
22 - 55%
23 - 58.33%
24 - 55.56%
25 - 100%
26 - 25%
27 - 25%
28 - 100%
29 - 46.67%
30 - 16.67%
31 - 10%
32 - 6.67%
33 - 4.76%
34 - 3.57%
35 - 2.78%
36 - 2.22%
37 - 1.82%
38 - 1.51%
39 - 1.28%
40 - 1.10%
41 - 0.95%
42 - 0.83%
43 - 0.74%
44 - 0.65%
45 - 0.58%
46 - 0.53%
47 - 0.48%
48 - 0.43%
49 - 0.40%
50 - 0.36%

Monsters Which Never Leave a Corpse

 acid vortex
 air demon
 air elemental
 air grue
 ancient sage
 animated armor
 animated tree
 arena master
 assassin prince
 berserker emperor
 berserker king
 berserker lord
 berserker prince
 big casino guard
 black slayer
 black wizard
 bone golem
 brown worm
 bunny master
 burly adventurer
 casino guard
 chaos brother
 chaos eye
 chaos knight
 chaos mutant
 chaos plague bearer
 chaos servant
 chaos sister
 chaos spawn
 chaos warlord
 chaos warrior
 chaos wizard
 clay golem
 cloaked ratling
 corpse fiend
 crime lord
 crystal statue
 death ooze
 demented ratling
 diamond golem
 Dorn Beast
 dragon turtle
 dwarven artificer
 dwarven chaos knight
 dwarven inn keeper
 dwarven mystic
 dwarven smith
 dwarven weaponmaster
 dying sage
 earth elemental
 ElDeR cHaOs GoD
 emperor lich
 eternal guardian
 eternium golem
 eye of destruction
 **farmer** (no corpse before quest is assigned; 50% after quest is assigned)
 fire demon
 fire elemental
 fire grue
 fire vortex
 flesh golem
 floating eye
 ghost bat
 ghost king
 ghost librarian
 ghost lord
 giant dragon turtle
 giant rust monster
 giant shark
 giant turtle
 gibbering mouther
 gray ooze
 gray slayer
 greater air elemental
 greater balor
 greater chaos servant
 greater earth elemental
 greater fire elemental
 greater mimic
 greater mummy
 greater water elemental
 green blob
 green slime
 green worm
 grizzled gladiator
 half-orc bouncer
 holy slayer
 ice vortex
 iron golem
 jackal demon
 large rust monster
 lich king
 lightning vortex
 living wall
 mad carpenter
 mad doctor
 Mad Minstrel
 magebane eye
 magedoom eye
 malicious doctor
 master lich
 master mimic
 master necromancer
 master thief
 mimic hivemind
 mummy lord
 ochre jelly
 old barbarian
 old crone
 purple worm
 ratling dealer
 ratling trader
 red worm
 rust monster
 shadow centipede
 shadow lord
 shambling mound
 skeletal king
 skeletal warrior
 slow shadow
 small dwarf
 staring eye
 steel golem
 steel horror
 steel zombie
 stone golem
 stone grue
 stone ooze
 stone statue
 tiny girl
 undead chaos dwarven berserker
 vapor rat
 village elder
 wall beast
 water demon
 water elemental
 water grue
 white worm
 will o'wisp
 writhing mass of primal chaos
 yellow ooze

If you're wearing a necklace of rabies resistance, the blessed/uncursed/cursed status determines how satiating a rabid dog corpse is.