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Major Bugs

  • Taking the 'Skilled' talent on character creation crashes the game. Skill increases come in two flavors, ones that also increase potential and ones that don't; Skilled uses the wrong type and the game asserts after potential goes negative.
  • Eating a Werewolf King corpse crashes the game. (Am I remembering this correctly? - needs checking)
  • Berferking - Monsters can sometimes panic and attack themselves.
  • Sometimes ingots are generated with the wrong identified state; extended dropping items with the wrong state can cause ADOM to crash.
Actually, this is a more general thing. When an item is marked as identifyable, such as a shop item or an ingot (if you pass a Metallurgy roll), the game identifies the class of items when they are stepped on. However, class identification will cause other ingots of the same type to become identified, and restacked; the restacking invalidates the initial identification's loop pointer, and things blow up. This also happens with Khelevastar (due to a bug, his spellbooks are sometimes marked as identifiable).
  • Piety can have overflow issues. High enough piety can roll over to be negative, and low enough piety can roll over to be positive.
  • Several artifacts are only available as crowning gifts, and can never be generated randomly (such as the Shirt of Saints).
The game randomly removes half of artifacts from consideration. Except that (appears to have been a one-letter typo, most likely) the wrong index is used for the deletion and it's always the same half.
  • Uberjackal effect - Monsters can become too powerful throughout the course of a normal game due to the way to monster level system works (based on their normal spawn rate, ignoring other factors). The system is probably fine at its core (and might even be raised a bit), but it needs to account for summoners (Jackalweres, etc.) and for pre-existing monsters (especially Chaos Servants).

Moderate Bugs

  • The rate of corruption increases at the 90-day mark, but doesn't again at the 180 and 270 day marks as it's supposed to.
  • Some items (especially amulets) don't auto-identify when you get a new one if a type you've already identified.
  • Possibly related to the above, certain types of identical items do not stacks (such as Bracers of Speed). In some cases they may secretly not be identical (bloody daggers?) and obviously should still not stack if they aren't actually the same.
  • Unicorn birthsign INCREASES how quickly your alignment changes towards chaotic instead of decreasing it.
  • You always fall at least once when entering The Rift. (The counter which keeps track of how many times you've fallen starts at 1 instead of 0.)
  • It is possible for experience gains to overflow. The most common example would probably be killing too many cats results in the Cat Lord giving you only 1exp, but there are other possibilities as well.
  • Dragons can pick up gold which is then effectively doubled when they are killed.
  • +Crit Armor does not improve your crit rate.
  • Grod is flagged as increasing crits, but the crit bonus value was left at 0.
  • When a monster puts on a moloch armor, the energy cost of doing so - should be 37600 - wraps around to -27936, giving them 28 free turns.
  • You suffer a lower (or sometimes no) alignment penalty for shooting past something rather than directly at it; even in the less common cases where this could be an accident, accidents aren't treated kindly in the rest of the game�:P
  • The Monk's circular kick ability has issues when non-hostiles are near. It will ask if you're sure you want to kick them, and you select no - your kick still hits the other mobs but no time passes.

Minor Bugs

  • When dipping a fluff ball into water, if there is no room for the Gremlins to spawn, the game crashes. (It's supposed to damage you I think, but the string for the die roll has a typo.) (Should be double checked.)
  • Rustproof items can be generated rusty (Iron ore, for example).
  • If you press ";" (fast pickup) while standing on a pile of items, and cancel it ("q"), the number of elapsed game turns decreases.
  • Starting to walk wastes one turn without the PC moving.
  • Trying to attack a peaceful monster, canceling, then moving costs less energy (possibly has something to do about backstabbing).
  • Stacks of figurines aren't plural. (And thus, you can also only wish for 1.)
  • Ventriloquism can be used while muted.
  • The formula for potential stat gains (e.g. from corpses) is bugged; it's 100% likely at 28 [stat] but 55% at 22 (and is odd in between).
  • Minotaur Emperor is not flagged as 'Unique', even though there's only 1 of him in the game. (Also applies to Demented Ratling, Cute Dog, and Quickling Bard.)
  • Warped Mirror Reflection room event works fine in darkness.
  • Hammerhead does not count as a pickaxe when praying on an Elemental Temple level. (And thus you'll be gifted a Pickaxe.)
  • if you check Kelly's ":w"ound status, it says he is not injured.
  • If you kill a creature using a potion of cure corruption, you don't get any(?) experience. The monster also won't show up on the kill list.
  • Eating some corpses can result in a 'your muscles bulge' message without any strength gains.
  • Farmers are supposed to get nearly twice the starvation tolerance of other classes, but the check is against 0x11A ('farmer' monster number) instead of 0xD (Farmer class).
  • Arcane spellcasting classes (wizard, necromancer) get a penalty to learning strictly arcane spells, instead of strictly clerical ones.
  • Slow Poison is far too good (should set poison duration to AT LEAST a minimum, instead sets it to AT MOST a minimum... one cast is as good as infinity should be)
  • Kicking walls with St<3 has hilarious consequences due to another flipped clamp


  • Eating a swamp hydra corpse has a 1/1000 chance to make you sick, and also depends on attributes. Should be lower so that it actually happens.
  • Beastfighters tend to fight unarmed, but nobody gets the 'True Berserker' Bonus when fighting unarmed, not even Beastfighters.
  • Lawful creatures dying at all is considered a 'chaotic act' as far as trying for the Paragon of Order goes. This essentially makes it better to be Non-lawful for most of the game when trying for this, which is counter-intuitive.
  • Reading a Manual of Bridge Building when you already know the skill (and it's not maxed) says that the book still contains information you haven't learned, but it doesn't actually increase or train the skill in any way.
  • Casting 'Burning Hands' while trapped in a web is supposed to damage you, but you cannot cast any spells while trapped in webs. (Should be double checked.)
  • Cursed Scrolls of Repair can break anything, even things not normally breakable, and even large stacks. Blessed Scrolls of Repair can then fix those broken items, blessing them in the process. It might be considered a bug that things like Stomafilla can be broken.
  • Alertness cannot be wished for, granted a Perception boost instead. Seems kind of an odd restriction.
  • Amulets of Undead Resistance very slightly protect against the banshee's wail; I'd like to see the damage you take reduced a bit (still relatively high), so that it might be a possible way to surpass the Banshee for a cunning un-spoiled player.
  • It's possible to crush self by simply picking up too much gold (or maybe other stuff too). It should probably cap the amount you pick up to the point it only overburdens you, rather than killing you - or alternatively give a warning message.
  • Blessing Undead while invisible will not make them aware of your presence, and you can kill them without them fighting back. Seems too good.
  • Levels above 38 are a pure liability for pure spellcasters trying to learn spells.
  • Only every other inventory item is considered for destruction - doubled index increment?

Imbalanced Effects and Other Suggested Changes

  • Necromancers start with Tracts of Chaos instead of their Spellbook of Frost Bolt about 10% of the time. Shouldn't they be given a spellbook directly, instead of a random Book-class item?
  • Mindcrafting doesn't train Mana, and it seems like it should. (Otherwise nearly the only way for Mindcrafters to train Mana is by casting normal spells.)
  • Cat's Claw should probably also slay Chaos Rats and Vapor Rats.
  • 'Of Hunting' melee weapons have an incredibly small effect, that should probably be boosted. (Hunting Bow effects are probably fair.)
  • The Charged talent has such a minor effect currently as to be useless. Its effect should be boosted substantially in some fashion.
  • The Strong Thrower talent should apply to coin throwing.