HP and PP Regeneration

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HP Regeneration

 RegenRate is how often you heal, not how much.  It is determined as follows:
 RegenRate = Max((NaturalRegen * Sickness * HealthyTalent * NecklaceRapidHealing),2) * RottingArmor
 (Like nearly all ADOM calculations, all decimals are truncated after every operation)
 *Natural Regen: Your natural regeneration rate; cannot be lower than 5.
 *Sickness: If you're sick, 10; 1 otherwise
 *Healthy Talent: .8 if you have the Healthy talent, 1 otherwise
 *Necklace of Rapid Healing: 0.5 if uncursed, 0.125 if Blessed, 1 otherwise
 *Rotting Armor: 10 if wearing, 1 otherwise
 So if your natural regeneration rate is 10 and you are wearing an uncursed necklace of rapid healing, you will heal every 5 turns.
 The healing skill provides additional random chances for regeneration as follows:
 *HealingSkillRate = (HealingSkill / (1200 * Sickness))%
 *Healing Skill: Your healing skill amount, up to 100
 *Sickness: 4.67 if Sick, 1 otherwise
 So if you have 100 healing, you have a 0.833% chance each turn to heal (0.388% if sick).
 CandleRate = 12
 Every 12 turns, a Candle-born PC heals.
 Now, each time you heal in any of the 3 methods above, you gain an amount of HP as follows:
 AmountHealed = 1 + ClassBonus + CandleBonus + RoomBonus
 *Class Bonus: Healers get 1, Healers level 12 or higher get 2.  Bards Level 32 or higher get 1.  Druids level 32 or higher that are in the wilderness get 1.
 *Candle Bonus: PC's born under the Candle get 1.
 *Room Bonus: 'Refreshing' room gives 3, and 'Herbs and Antiseptics' gives 1.
 Seperate from this, Every peice of regenerating equipment you are wearing (not counting the necklace of rapid healing) heals 1HP EVERY TURN.
 Finally, The Regenerating Corruption Gives you 1HP every 5 turns (Beware the scars though!)
 SO, If you are a Level 12+ Candle-born Healer wearing Preserver, 2 rings of regeneration, bracers of regeneraton, a crown of regeneration, two knifes of endurance in a Refreshing room, and in addition you have the Regenerating Corruption, you could heal as much as 29 HP in a single turn. 
 Natural Regeneration - The smaller, the better.
 - If you are sick, it's initialized at 10*NaturalRegenerationRate,
   otherwise NaturalRegenerationRate.
 - If you're healthy, you get 20% off (so you actually regenerate 25%
   faster the usual rate, contrary to the 20% as stated in the manual)
 - If you have a necklace of rapid healing equipped:
   - Blessed cuts down the value to 1/8
   - Uncursed cuts it down to 1/2
   - Cursed doesn't do nothing (well, except increase your food
     consumption rate as usual)
 - Value = Max(Value, 2)
 - No regeneration at all in rooms with "devoid all life" permanent
   effect and {when in the water and the PC doesn't have water
 - "Rotting" armor decreases regeneration to 1/10
 Now, this value is applied when (TurnNumber mod Value)=0 (aprox. each
 Value-th turn). It is also applied:
 - If you're sick and
   - Random(5600) < HealingSkillPoints
 - If you're NOT sick and
   - Random(1200) < HealingSkillPoints
 The quantity of HP added is calculated as follows:
 - Starting with +1 HP;
 - Bards L32 and higher get +1;
 - Healers get +1, L12 healers get +1 more;
 - L32 druids get +1 when in wilderness;
 - Candle-borns get +1;
 - +3 if you're in a room with the "refreshing" permanent effect;
 - +1 if you're in a room with the "herbs and antiseptics" permanent
 Also, you get the same amount of HP once more if you're born in Candle
 each 12th turn (each 100th turn if sick).
 Aside that:
  - if you have an item with the regenerating property (cloaks of
    regeneration etc), +1HP each turn.
  - If you have the regeneration corruption:
    + 1 HP every 5 turns
    + 1 scar every 1000 regenerations (-1 dexterity OR appearance)

PP Regeneration

The PP regeneration is applied if:
 - If (TurnNumber mod NaturalRegenerationRate)=0
 - If Random(500) < ConcentrationSkillPoints
 - If wearing empowered armor and Random(20)=0 (+5%)
 - If ConcentrationSkillPoints>=75 AND Random(500)<ConcentrationSkillPoints
      (sort of another roll if concentration>=75)
 - If ConcentrationSkillPoints>=90 AND Random(500)<ConcentrationSkillPoints
      (another roll if concentration>=90)
 - If ConcentrationSkillPoints=100 AND Random(500)<ConcentrationSkillPoints
      (another roll if concentration=100)
 - If the PC has the Charged talent and Random(30)=0 (+3%)
 - If the PC is standing in the "magical" island in Terinyo
 - If the PC has the mana battery corruption, and random(10)=0 (+10%)

Note that the % additions aren't real; they overlap, and so they work
only as complimenting to the % of regenerating this turn.

Also, no regeneration at all if wearing anti-magical armor.

The amount of PP regenerated:
 - starting at +1 PP;
 - bards L40 and higher get +1 PP;
 - druids L12 and higher get +1 PP if in the wilderness (be that
     zoomed in or not.

Having Concentration at 100 is 4 times better than having it at 74;
100 concentration is 22% better than 99 concentration;
59.04% chance to regenerate with 100 concentration,
48.42% chance to regen at 99 concentration,
14.8% chance for regen with 74 concentration.
60.27% chance with 100 con & charged talent
66.03% with 100 con, charged, empowered armor, and mana battery corruption.