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Dwarven Mystic

neutral: 50% chance of (7 potions of insight, 4 potions of chaos resistance (all blessed)) else 2 potions of training, 1 potion of gain attributes. (If it were possible to be both neutral AND lawful, lawfuls would also get a ring of ice here :P)

Lawfuls get Rolf's Companion.


words he responds to:

quest, city, dwarf, dwarv, rolf, si, sis, gorko, groro, hello, greet, bansh, gate, porta, griff, blood, ancie, high, king, phial, calad, chaos, corru, sage, khela, gold, orc, ogre, axe, hamme, mace, glod, smith, grizz, gladi, torga, innke, garth, train, walde, shop, etern, guard, glod, fire, flame, terin.


Learn Smithing from Glod -- Smithing = 19-29 (Rnd(10) + 20), Trains Strength 100, Trains Toughness 200

Learning Smithing costs a base of 5000 (5250 if female, I think). This is changed in some way if your Charisma is over 15, depending on how high it is. Then if you're cursed, double it. If doomed, triple it. If an orc, quadruple it; if a troll, double it.

Removing rust: Item value * Number of items * 30.

Repairing broken stuff: Item value * Number of items * 150 If Pickaxe, otherwise * 1500.


  • Minimum level of 6 is required to get quests.
  • Ogre Cave spawns 1 Ogre Lord, 2 Ogre Maguses, and 37 other Ogres. 7 of those Ogres will be Enraged. They will all be made tougher based on your level.

Rolf's Savior = 1/6 chance to be available, and you must be lawful. Dwarves get a 1/3 chance after that 1/6 chance. (so both chances combined - 4/9 or .444)